This issue is all about the arts and how to make them sustainable in your community. I’ve picked out five grants I think most of you in the Arts community would benefit from. There are funds for puppets and plays and performances of all kinds. We also highlight some information from our Easy Grants Knowledge Base videos in “News You Can Use” section. And we are proud to be working with Mettle Sports, a non-profit making a difference with young athletes.

  1. SparkPlug Foundation. Community groups focused on music is one of the areas the SparkPlug Foundation will give grants to help operations. They want to help smaller non-profits (and some individuals if they are working with a non-profit) get the spark needed to sustain quality programs. These are given throughout the US and the first deadline is April 1.
  2. The National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA’s challenge grant program to help underserved communities is being advertised again. These are $10,000 50/50 matching grants which means the organization puts up $10k and the NEA matches that. There are many guidelines and stipulations so read about these in detail at
  3.  Laura Jane Musser Funds. While these funds can only go to certain states (and in some cases defined counties within those states) the Laura Jane Musser Funds are helping arts programs within rural areas of communities less than 20,000 in population.
  4.  Jim Henson Foundation. Grants for puppetry and performances are what the Jim Henson Foundation wants to promote. With a March 16 deadline individuals can potentially get funds through a fiscal sponsor.
  5.  Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. Some granting organizations get very focused on specific projects they like and the Duke Foundation of Islamic Art is one of them. You can learn more about the program here


News You Can Use

In our Easy Grants Knowledge Base we give a checklist of what every organization should have ready before they (or we) write any grants. You can watch the video here and learn more detail but here is the quick list: 1) IRS determination letter 2) Audited financials 3) Latest 990 4) List of board members and their affiliations 5) DUNS number 6) SAM number and 7) Your current program of work. Some foundations will want more and some not all of these but most will want some or all of them.

Client Focus: Mettle Sports

High school athletes very often dream of playing college sports as a way to pay for college by getting a scholarship. Too often, those who come from poorer school districts are at a disadvantage because they lack the facilities or the one-on-one coaching many others can afford. Mettle Sports has produced a program called Mettle ABCs that gives individual coaching for Academics, Better strength training through certified instructors, and Counseling from licensed certified counselors.





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