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Easy Grants put together this grant writing knowledge base to help non-profits navigate the waters of the grant proposal process. Need to know how to get your EIN or DUNS? First time filling out a SF 424? Wondering how to find grants and where they come from? How about matching funds, ever heard that term? You’ll learn about the entire process here, from A to Z and then some. The two videos directly below are excellent primers to get you well on your way to writing a successful grant application. We would love to hear your questions and request for additional resources so please contact us so we can help you accomplish your goals and reach the needs of your community.

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BEFORE Writing That Proposal

This video is my personal favorite within our knowledge base. Get your pen and paper handy as Nick walks you through just about everything you’ll need for most grant proposals. The staff at Easy Grants LLC truly wants to help all nonprofits in their journey to fill the needs within their community. While we would love to serve as your nonprofits grant writer, we are equally as excited to help those trying to find grants on their own and do the proposal. Let us know if you have any questions by scheduling a call with our Senior Grant Writer, Nick Walters.

Non Profit Grants 101

Non Profit Grants 101, an introduction to grants nonprofits can obtain and the important factors to consider before applying for a nonprofit grant. Nick covers where grant comes from, how to find them and things to consider during the grant writing process. We’ll also cover Nick’s 13 questions every nonprofit should ask before applying for a grant, a valuable presentation that could save you time and money. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to schedule your free assessment with our Senior Grant Writer, Nick Walters.

Grants for Seniors Health

The Fit for Life Foundation will award three grants of up to $100,000 to non-profits and social enterprise groups that are committed to improving active lifestyles for seniors.  The deadline is November 23.  More info here:

Questions a Non-Profit Should Ask Before Writing a Grant

After helping nonprofits, hospitals, local governments, and schools get over a BILLION dollars in federal grant money, I noticed a pattern developing: some people had been wasting their time. By the time they came to our group of professionals to write a grant, too...

Writing a Government Grant: SF 424, EIN And DUNS Oh My!

This guide is here to make the federal grant writing process as easy as possible no matter what category your nonprofit falls under. That statement in and of itself is an oxy-moron because until you’ve written a dozen or two federal grants it doesn’t seem to be either...

Time To Write The Grant

What's more important your time or your money? Think about this, as it's an important question to ask as you delve into the grant application process and writing your grant. Most people, like me, would say my time is more valuable. I can get money some way but I can't...

Grant Match Funds Requirement

"Would all the people who want free money for their small business kindly form a line to the right please?" Wouldn't you like to hear these words announced one afternoon from a loud speaker? Don't hold your breath. Easy Grants is focused on helping small businesses...

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Easy Grants can handle the entire grant process from start to finish, saving you time and ensuring it’s done correctly. Through our network of government contacts and funding resources, Easy Grants possesses the knowledge and networking ability to help any organization obtain grant funding.

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