Below you’ll see some information on health care with a few of my favorite grant picks with upcoming deadlines.  In the News You Can Use section we’ll focus on fundraising, everyone’s favorite.  And our Client Spotlight is a community based foundation called LeFleur East. Questions or comments or thoughts?  I’d love to hear from you so comment below.


Nick’s Picks for Health Care

  1. Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation.  Very rarely a grant exists that can directly help an individual.  One of the first things 99.7% of the grant organizations state is: No funds for individuals.  The Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation is one of these good exceptions.  They give out hundreds of millions of dollars every year by donating or reducing the costs of medications.  These funds are available throughout the year.
  2. The Commonwealth Fund.  We all know understanding health care is like putting bull frogs in a wheelbarrow:  you get three of them in and five jump back out.  The Commonwealth Fund gives grants for a multitude of interests from studying cost containment to minority health issues to consumer technology.  They accept applications four times a year and the next deadline is in April.  It sounds far away but with the amount of work that must be submitted there is no better time to start than now.
  3. The Gerber Foundation – Who can guess what the Gerber Foundation supports?  You guessed it children’s health issues.  With a February 15 deadline for a Letter Of Intent, qualified applicants can submit interests on pediatric health and nutrition as well as environmental hazard prevention.
  4. Rural Health Issues – The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) continually looks for ways to ensure rural Americans have the same access to health care as their city cousins.  Non-profits, universities, state agencies and others are eligible applicants for the March 3 deadline to compete for a comparative study funding to make sure these disparities become few and far between.
  5. The Chatlos Foundation – Hospitals and clinics and health care providers may find some funding for operations or even buildings and equipment from The Chatlos Foundation.  Founded in 1977, Chatlos has committed funding on a national basis with no deadline to submit proposals.


News You Can Use

How about 7 ways to keep your donors happy?  The Nonprofit Marketing Blog is sharing a series of articles written by Nancy Schwartz on how to engage your donor base.  She has some really great advice (and very cool acronyms) for reminding us of ways to keep the donors happy.  She’s only up to 2 of the 7 so click on this link and sign up for more good information.

Client Spotlight – LeFleur East Foundation

CaptureCities are only as strong as their neighborhoods and the LeFleur East Foundation is taking an active role.  Much of their focus has been on giving their neighborhoods a sense of character and place.  Were you aware that litter dramatically decreases where landscaping is in place?  They raised funds and committed to work projects (complete with elbow grease) to have everyone pitch in.  Easy Grants is working with the Foundation to write grants for their local public schools and to protect the water shed.

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