$395 for early birds!

$395 for early birds!

Would you be interested in learning more about WHERE to find grant funding? On March 28th, 2019, I’m releasing my “Where to find Grants” course for $495. But if you buy now before the 28th, I’m offering early bird access for $395. The course will be several hours of video and we’ll cover three primary areas:

1. The WHY – Why do these 125,000 foundations exist and WHY do they want to give their money away?  It’s critical for you to understand the hearts and minds of the people who make the decisions on how funds are spent.

2. The WHERE – You’ll see where to look for the foundations that are the right match for you.  I want you to be Goldilocks and know it’s neither hot nor cold – but it’s just right.

3. The HOW – This is the most important one.  I’ll do several searches and screen shares so you can “look over my shoulder” and see exactly how I use my 30 years of experience in finding money.  You’ll be able to spend your time knocking on doors where you expect someone to answer.

In addition to the hours of videos, you will also have access to a private FaceBook page where you can ask me questions, share experiences with others seeking funds, and get more tips and hints about how to write grant applications.

The course is going to be $495 once I start to sell it to the general public.  Since you are one of our Easy Grants subscribers I’m giving you the pre-launch price of $395.  The course will be ready in nine days – that’s March 28th – and the pre-launch offer will turn to pixie dust after the 28th (that means it goes away).

Click Buy Now below and I’ll email you everything described above on the 28th.

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