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If you're looking to hire a grant writer or aren't sure what grant opportunities exist, we recommend you give us a minute of your time for a no obligation free assessment. We have helped nonprofits, local governments, hospitals and school districts receive over $1 billion in federal government grants. We maintain a balanced portfolio of active clients to ensure you receive the individual attention your nonprofit deserves while keeping our professional grant writing services affordable and flexible.

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Nick Walters
Grant Writer & Consultant

Are you having trouble obtaining grant funding? Do you need help with the grant writing process? Do you know all of the possible grants that are a match for your nonprofit? If so, look no further than Easy Grants LLC. We specialize in finding and obtaining grant funds for nonprofits, local governments, hospitals and school districts. Our professional grant writing services are affordable because we’re well aware of the financial challenges most nonprofits face. Schedule a call today and get your free no obligation one on one consultation with Nick Walters.

How It Works

Discover – Plan – Execute – Deliver – It all starts with you scheduling a call. We will discuss your mission, goals and a simple list (we call it a wish list) of things that will help your nonprofit be more effective in your community. Maybe it’s overhead, training, equipment or rehab to your existing facilities. You’ll share your goals with us so we can identify the grant organization(s) that can fund your needs.  Easy Grants will then find and write the grants that match your wish list. You’ll find that we are always accessible, organized, transparent and open to discussion. We genuinely want to build a long term relationship.

Where and Why

Government (State or Federal), Corporate Foundations and Community based Foundations are the typical grant sources where we’ll find funding for your nonprofit. We want to be your in-house grant writer; a long term and cost effective solution for grant funding. We’re continually looking for funding opportunities that match your needs and will let you know when they’re available. We never accept a penny from a client until we know for certain that an opportunity exists which the nonprofit is qualified.

Who We Are

Through our network of government contacts and funding resources, Easy Grants possesses the knowledge and networking ability to help your nonprofit obtain grant funding. It’s time to schedule a free one on one grant consultation with Nick Walters! Nick is a professional grant writer and grant consultant that will help your nonprofit obtain grant funding. Schedule a call today! We Specilize in Obtaining Grant Funds for: Nonprofits, Local Governments, Healthcare Providers, School Districts and Public Services.

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Nick Walters is a well-known and very capable administrator with a keen knowledge of government agencies. He knows his way around local, state and especially federal programs and how to access resources within them. He is also a great writer, with an eye for details and an ear for effective messaging. Nick’s talents are a major asset to any client he serves.

John Horhn


Nick Walters is a very organized and detail oriented person. He thinks about all avenues and stakeholders before implementation of a plan. For the last year he has been assisting FCAHS to secure grants which are vital our school district. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to the Aggie Nation!

J. J. Morgan

Superintendent at FCAHS

I worked with Nick Walters on several occasions while I was a professor and Chair of the Department of Economic and Workforce Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. During that time, we worked on several economic development programs together. In the 14 years that I have known Nick, I have found him extremely knowledgeable about economic development. I have observed that his work is thorough and he promotes excellence with those whom he serves.

Brent Hales

Associate Dean, University of Minnesota Extension

I’ve known and worked with Nick for more than 15 years. His knowledge of economic development, government affairs, and the grant writing process has proven invaluable on many, many occasions. If you are pursing a grant to fund a project, he’s the guy to talk to.

Tim Mask

VP/Brand Planning & Development

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