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We have helped non profits, local governments, hospitals and school districts receive over $1 billion in federal government grants and private industry grants. If you're not sure which grants you qualify for or need a grant writer, schedule a call today! Your Prosperity is Our Business!

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Through our network of government contacts and funding resources, Easy Grants possesses the knowledge and networking ability to help any organization obtain grant funding. It’s time to schedule a free one on one grant consultation with Nick Walters! Nick is a professional grant writer and grant consultant that will help your non profit obtain grant funding. Schedule a call today!

We Can Obtain Grant Funds for:


  • Non Profits
  • Local Governments
  • Healthcare Providers
  • School Districts
  • Public Services

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Whenever people call me to teach a grant writing workshop, I instantly refer them to Nick Walters. Nick’s an expert who speaks professionally and is the go-to resource especially for governmental grant consultations.

Mandi Stanley

Certified Speaking Professional, Mandi Stanley Seminars, LLC

As a business coach, many of my clients have visions of getting a grant to help them fund their dream. Because of the tremendous time involved and odds against them actually getting funded, I discourage them from starting down that path. Over the years, however, I have seen Nick and his associates use their expertise to actually get grant money for some of them. I highly recommend that you let Nick see if a grant is in your future.

Rob Burnham

Director at, Venture Incubator, LLC

I’ve known and worked with Nick for more than 15 years. His knowledge of economic development, government affairs, and the grant writing process has proven invaluable on many, many occasions. If you are pursing a grant to fund a project, he’s the guy to talk to.

Tim Mask

VP/Brand Planning & Development, Maris, West & Baker

Nick Walters

Nick Walters

Grant Writer & Consultant

I have helped Non Profits, Businesses, Local Governments, Hospitals and School Districts receive over $1 billion in federal money. If you’re looking for help obtaining grant funding then look no further. Schedule a call today to get your free one on one consultation. We specialize in finding and obtaining grant funds for non profits, businesses, local governments, hospitals and school districts.

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