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The Grant Mining Method was developed by the team at Easy Grants.  Our team has over one-hundred years combined experience in grant writing and government funding. 

Every non-profit knows this statement to be true:  there is grant money out there and we can either apply or let someone else get it.
The prime issue is “Where are the grants that fit my organization?”

After working for decades in finding money, we know that 70% of successful grant writing is finding the right match between a foundation and your non-profit.  It is NOT in the grant application itself.  Certainly, there are more difficult grant applications where a grant writer is needed but for 80% of the applications submitted anyone can do it.  That’s IF you know who to write. 

There are 220,000 private foundations in the United States yet less than 10% of them have a website.  Google can’t show you what it can’t see.

We are a part of the Easy Grants family of companies.  You can learn more about Easy Grants here.

We have created a course to teach non-profits how and where to see the funding that enables them to keep making a positive impact.  It’s called the Grant Mining Method and consists of personalized online training, over 32 video modules, templates, letters, and a live weekly training call – plus more.

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