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We Show US Non-Profits how to Find the Right Grants

Every non-profit knows this statement to be true: “There is grant money out there, and we can either apply or let someone else get it.”  The prime issue is “Where are the grants that fit my organization?”

Most often success is NOT in the grant application itself. After working for decades in finding money, we know that 70% of successful grant writing is finding the right match between a foundation and your non-profit.  It is NOT in the grant application itself.
Indeed, there are more complex grant applications where a grant writer is needed, but we know anyone can write grants for 80% of the applications or letters of intent.


We have created a course to teach non-profits how to find grants so they can focus on making a positive impact and not worry about cash in the bank. It’s called the Grant Mining Method and consists of personalized online training, over 32 video modules, templates, letters, and a live weekly training call – plus more.  


We have developed The Grant Mining Method course to empower US-based non-profits to find specific grants that match their “DNA vision”.

 Why don’t you join us for a free webinar to see if this is the right fit for your organization?  Our course creator will be live for each webinar and explaining how it works. 

The Grant Mining Method course is NOT: 

  • a grant writing course
  • for start-up non-profits who are trying to access grant funds for cash flow
  • helpful if there will be no follow up to submit the grant applications/Letters of Intent
  • worth your money until your board of directors is ready to launch

What we Know…

Grant writing is work

  • There are no short cuts
  • It takes time and effort
  • Time is often wasted looking for grants that aren’t a match
  • If you need grant money to make payroll then you need a Plan B
  • Grant writing is not as hard as you may think

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What do others say about the Grant Mining Method?

Putalamus White, Executive Director, Jackson Resource Center, Jackson, Mississippi:

“Without this knowledge I probably would be wasting a lot of valuable time chasing after donations that will never come.  I recommend this class to anyone who can get to it.”

Danny Avery, former Executive Director of the Lowndes County United Way, Columbus, Mississippi:

“I was practically flabbergasted to see how many foundations there were within a twenty-five mile radius of our offices! I was only aware of two of them! We were able to reach out, almost immediately, to the local groups.”

From Morgan Elliott, Chairman of the Board, Tikkun Olam, Wolf Point, Montana:

“With so many vital nonprofits needing funding to carry out their mission, finding and winning grants is becoming more and more time consuming. Through Nick’s Grant Mining Method, we were able us to focus on foundations that support missions similar to ours. The Grant Mining Method is an investment that will help organizations get organized, focused, and win more grants to provide imperative services.”

From Jamie Campbell Petty, Executive Director, Midwest Hemp Council, Indianapolis, Indiana:

“Nick’s Grant Mining Method opened my eyes to all the possible grant funding that’s out there.  I couldn’t believe there were over 200,000 private foundations with no website but after Nick’s course I know I can find some grants that will help the Midwest Hemp Council.”

From the Course Creator

Finding the right grant is critical

I’ve worked with all sorts of non-profits from across the US.  Arts. Environment. Community. Homelessness. United Ways.  Elderly.  Veterans. International orphanages.  Addiction.|

I came to realize the best way to empower them was not for me to write grants.  The best way was to show them how to search for the right foundations.

After teaching this course dozens of times, I finally decided to create the Grant Mining Method.  I hope you’ll sign up below for my free webinar and see if this is fit for your non-profit.

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