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Grant Mining Method Overview

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    Here is the info for What We Will Cover in the Overview


    1) This is Grant Searching NOT Grant Writing


    2) Details on the Grant Mining Method Course


    3) Making Sure This Course is a Fit

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    The Grant Mining Method Training Outline

    • I. Intro to the Course (4 modules centered on being “Grant Ready”)
    • II. How Grants Work (6 modules on the various types of grants)
    • III. Finding the Honey Holes (10 modules delving into the 220,000 private foundations)
      (P.S. this is where we show you the secret sauce!)
    • IV. Government Grants (5 modules on how to quickly sort through the maze at and other help)
    • V. Grant Applications (5 modules in a primer on pulling it all together)
    • VI. Fundraising verses Grant Writing (4 modules on knowing the right way to ask the right questions)
    • VII. Let’s Do Some Searches (7 modules as you look over my shoulder and see the GMM in action)
    • VIII. BONUS! (More videos on some extras that can make a difference)