Is it some kind of sheep? No! Government loves acronyms and a SHPO is the State Historic Preservation Officer. This is the person who is typically appointed by a commission, the governor or a board of some sorts to oversee the historic preservation efforts in their various states or territories or districts. They may also serve as the director of museums, preservation areas, historic homes, etc.

Each of the USDA Rural Development Environmental Reports must have sign off from the SHPO to ensure the projects are not disturbing any historic areas or sites. Keep in mind, the person who is responsible for the actual processing of a historic review most likely is not THE SHPO but someone who is on her/his staff.

USDA Rural Development Environmental Reports (or USDA RD Environment Reports) must comply with NEPA and more specifically with Section 106 regulations so getting the SHPO sign-off is critical.

That’s part of our job in creating and developing USDA Rural Development Environmental Reports is to show the SHPO we are in good standing.